Zombie Panic! Source mapping guide - Part 2

This tutorial contains Objective System and Team Filters.

Objective System:

There is two win-entities:

# game_win_human - Trigger this entity and survivor team wins.
# game_win_zombie - Trigger this entity and zombie team wins.

When you trigger the game_win_human the game ends with humans as winners. Same thing for game_win_zombie but zombies win ofcourse.
Name your win-entities (e.g. name your game_win_human to human_win).


To end the round you have to trigger one win-entitiy you created above.You can trigger them in many different ways. I will use a trigger_once in this tutorial.

1. Make a brush with tools/toolstrigger texture.
2. Tie it to trigger_once
3. Go to Outputs and Add a new output:

OnStartTouch = When someone touches the trigger brush.
human_win = The name of my game_win_human I made earlier.
EndGame = End round.

If you want zombies to win add this output instead:

Your trigger is now finished. When someone touches the trigger brush the round will end. Depending on which win-entity you triggered human or zombies will win.
To make so only one team can trigger the trigger_once you must use filters.


Hammer have already inbuilt filters that can be very handy to use. To filter the teams you use filter_activator_team.

1. Create a filter_activator_team and name it to filter_zombie.
2. Create another filter_activator_team and name it to filter_human.
3. In the filter_human go to Filter mode and change it to disallow.

Now you have two filters, one for humans and one for zombies.

Using the filters

I will use the trigger_once we made earlier. In the trigger_once's Properties, go to Filter name under the Class tab. Type in filter_human or filter_zombie depending on what team you want to be able to trigger it. In this case filter_human.